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Voyage Trekkers Creator Nathan Blackwell Talks Season Two, an eBook, and What's on His Must-See List

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The bridge set was the crew's desire to build an actual stage set where the misfit galactic crew lived. The bigger ambitions and creative goals inevitably proved to make shooting, mainly due to funding, more difficult than the first season. It's been over a year since the wrap of season one, which isn't exactly an ideal timeframe between seasons.

Despite some of the challenges, Blackwell says everyone is still having a blast, which is the whole point of why they started making the show to begin with.

"I have to give everyone credit," says Blackwell. "We had some really insane shoots toward the end, basically on our very last day of (shooting with) the bridge set-because literally the very next day it would have to be broken down and stored. So we were flying at a pace that was just nuts. And everyone kept their cool, and no one got angry or snapped or was yelling, everyone was just so awesome, and I'm just so appreciative of this sort of family that we've built."

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