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Waiting for Mamu Documents Nepalese Philanthropy at the Sedona International Film Festival

When filmmaker Thomas Morgan first heard Pushpa Basnet's story, he didn't believe it. That's because Basnet's grassroots aid organization houses and educates children in Nepal who would otherwise be stuck in prison with their parents while they served their sentence. He thought he must've misheard her. He thought, surely, children in Nepal aren't left in prison to pay for their parents' crimes.

But he didn't misunderstand Basnet -- she legally adopts hundreds of children in order to free them from jail until their parents can come back for them. For this work, Basnet won the CNN Hero award, along with $300,000, which has gone entirely into funding a permanent boarding home for her children. Morgan and producer Angela Bernard Thomas talked about the difficulty of making a short documentary in a communist country and the real reason they wanted to tell Basnet's story.

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