We Like Mic

If we know you like we think we do, you like to get drunk and sing your ass off. Don't be embarrassed; we saw you push that mousy guy with the Mariah Carey octave off the karaoke machine and throw the party into gear with your rendition of “Thriller,” replete with moonwalking. So why not kick up your skillz at Majerle's 9-Lounge? Every first and third Wednesday, soul funker Buddy Strong and his live band, Classic, turn this intimate club into The Studio Experience, an open mic for beat poets, freestylers, and vocalists set to groovy, rocking rhythms. Grease your voice box, screw on your courage, and unchain your righteous melody.
First Wednesday of every month, 8:30 p.m.-12:30 a.m., 2007
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Leslie Barton
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