Wear Your Love For Pie

Fall means pie, and no one knows it better than our foodie sister blog, Chow Bella.

She's even throwing a social, a Pie Social this Saturday to let everyone know how much she loves it. (Get all the juicy details here.)

We wait all summer to get at the gooey-filled crust, so now that the season has finally arrived (and there's an event to attend), why not show how we really feel about our favorite dessert with a felt pie necklace?

Learn how to make your own pie loving necklace after the jump.

Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needle
Sewing Machine
Metal Jump Ring
Plastic Clasp


1. Draw your pie design on a piece of paper.

2. Cut the design out (this will serve as your template).

3. Grab a piece of brown felt and fold it in half.
4. Place the paper pie template on top of the felt, with the bottom folded over.
5. Cut out the pie shape with scissors -- do not cut across the bottom.

6. Using embroidery floss in the color of your choice and an embroidery needle, stitch on a design to the front of the pie shape.

7. Once the design is stitched on tie off the floss on the back side.

8. Now make a loop with the embroidery floss at the tie of your pie shape, this will act as your hanging loop. Use tape to hold the floss in place.

9. At your sewing machine stitch around most of the pie shape, leaving a small opening where you can place batting material to give your shape dimension.

10. Now sew that final area closed either by hand or with your machine.
11. Add a metal jump ring to the floss loop and then a plastic clasp that you can find at craft stores.

12. Finally loop a ribbon through the clasp and tie it off at the top

Now it is ready to wear as your declaration of pie love (and go to the Pie Social)! Enjoy!

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