Wedding Online Resources for Phoenix Brides-to-be

Now that this bride-to-be writer has been cursed by the general public because of her last wedding post, she thought she might do something helpful to boost her karma and correct things.

As requested, and compiled with much experience, here's a rundown of extremely useful wedding websites and resources for other Phoenix brides.

BTW, you may want to set a few hours aside because, with this list of links, you're heading deep down the rabbit hole. Check it out after the jump.
This one's my personal fave. The website is easy to navigate and jam-packed with everything you may need or want to know about throwing a wedding in AZ. One downside: You have to register. I say pick up the magazine that comes out every two months. It's a beast -- around 500 pages. But with a $6 price tag and all the local info you'll ever need, it's way worth it.

This website may be a little chunky -- instead of listing vendors with all the contact info at the ready, you get a small description and a link for an automated email. Still, it's a good starting point and their "ideas and trends blog" has some decent stuff to get your creative juices flowing.

Here's another website that has an accompanying local magazine. It's a magazine that I have not come across in person yet. But the website is worth a look (just ignore the not-so-attractive banner) because it has just a handful of information -- you won't get overwhelmed. And each listed vendor has a web link and contact info at the ready.

Elizabeth Anne Designs is a wedding and lifestyle website that is updated daily. They just added Phoenix to their list of cities to cover and include a manageable list of vendors. They also have two Phoenix brides-to-be blogging their way through their own planning (although we'd like to see more posts).  And, oh yes, they have a "DIY" section. Score.

I adore this website. Not only does it look great, but it's got everything. And you don't have to register to access the info. They've got planning guides, budget sheets, vendors, and checklists ready to download (every bride-to-be needs a checklist or five). I love their "the wedding insiders" section where newlyweds contribute their stories. They've also got a magazine for just $4.50. Awesome.

This website has all the typical elements with vendor lists galore. No registration but no contact info, either. It's another one of those automated email contact links. The good news? They've got a "Best Of" section which is also featured in their Fall/Winter print magazine.

Wedding Wire is a national site. Some features require a log in. The vendor listings are set up like Here, wedding companies are listed, maps are provided, and viewers get to rate and comment about their experiences. It's not the most beautiful site in the world but would be great for cross-referencing.

And, for all you nuts out there, here's a link to the Phoenix portion of their massive website.

Have any more suggestions? Feel free to drop a link in the comments section.

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Lilia Menconi
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