Weekly Freebie: A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki Screening

Hello Kitty, the Prius, sushi -- our appreciation for Japanese imports knows no bounds. This week, Changing Hands Bookstore is celebrating one more with the work of Japanese scholar Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki.

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Credited with bringing Zen Buddhism to the West, Suzuki stars as the central character of the film, A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki. In this documentary screening, director Michael Goldberg pays tribute to Suzuki's Buddhist teachings by recalling the history of his journey through the West as well as the impact he made on prominent figures in Western culture, including: Carl Jung, Erich Fromm, Christmas Humphries, Father Thomas Merton, Martin Heidegger, and Alan Ginsberg.

The free screening of A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki will happen Friday, August 23, at 6:30 p.m and will be followed by a Q & A discussion with Hakuun Sokai, resident priest at Haku-un-ji Zen Center. For more information, visit Changing Hands Bookstore online.

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