Weekly Freebie: AIA Reincarnation Tour 2013

Each week, Jackalope Ranch brings you a free event, workshop, or you-name-it happening in Phoenix. Because sometimes the best things in life really are free. This week's freebie: AIA Reincarnation Tour 2013

Downtown Phoenix has become somewhat of a sanctuary for historic buildings. Rather than face the conventional fate of demolition and development, re-purposed relics about town are gradually being transformed into galleries, restaurants, shops, and living spaces. It's in with the old and the new -- and it's cause for celebration.

Join the Phoenix Metro chapter of the American Institute of Architects this Saturday starting at 10 a.m. as it hosts the second annual AIA Reincarnation Tour.

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Kicking off at Bragg's Pie Factory, this free tour will feature presentations on Greening Lower Grand Avenue and Transforming the Urban Environment; self-guided exploration through participating Grand Avenue businesses and galleries; a progress check on the upcoming Filmore Vig; an Urban Living Tour at the Lofts at Filmore; and an after-party at Crescent Ballroom.

For more information, visit the AIA Reincarnation Tour 2013 on Facebook.

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Katie Johnson
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