Weekly Freebie: Beers (and Plenty of Words) with Friends at The Handlebar in Tempe

Each week, Jackalope Ranch brings you a free event, workshop, or you-name-it happening in Phoenix. Because sometimes the best things in life really are free. This week's freebie: Beers with Friends at The Handlebar & Grill in Tempe

Every Monday night starting at 7 p.m., The Handlebar & Grill in Tempe hosts Beers with Friends - a free party and weekly opportunity for local wordsmiths to earn points and pints with letter-tile tournaments.

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As added incentive to participate in Beers with Friends, The Handlebar & Grill offers a free order of fries for anyone who brings in their own board, and half off your first round if you bring a group of four players. Guests are encourage to play new opponents at the bar's large community-style tables and, if they can, throw down some beer-inspired words for a discount on in-house brews.

Highest score of the night can earn you a gift certificate of a yet-to-be-determined value at the bar. For more information call the Handlebar & Grill in Tempe at (480) 474-4888 or visit them on Facebook.

And remember, it's just a game. That is until someone throws down 'QI' - then it's war.

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Katie Johnson
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