Weekly Freebie: Bill Murray Crashpad

Hoax Shmoax, the good people of Roosevelt Row, don't need a reason to throw a party (you think they limit their drinking and dancing to Friday art walks?). Which is why rain or shine, Bill Murray or nein, the folks at Lawn Gnome Publishing, in collaboration Lost Leaf, Jobot Coffee and the whole 5th Street gang, are throwing a Bill Murray Crashpad Party on Wednesday starting at 7pm.

This all ages event, will feature a whole slew of free, Murray-themed activities including Bill Murray costumes, a Bill Murray Pleasuredome (basically an area set up for him to relax in when he visits, assuming he visits), Caddyshack miniature golf, and Murray trivia madness.

The schedule is as follows, via Lawn Gnome Publishing:

7pm The Life Aquatic (squirt gun and water balloon fight) all over 5th Street 8pm-10pm "Lost in Translation" Karaoke from Bill Murray movies and SNL & SCTV sketches, hosted by Sean Whitcomb and the Mobile Karaoke Unit 9pm Former Friends of Young Americans and Of the Earth at Lost Leaf 10pm Provocatease Ghostbusters Burlesque 11pm Slackers Agenda with Ryan Avery and Andrew Jemsek at Jobot 10:20pm Nick Villa and Friends 11:20pm Bill Murray Haiku Contest at Jobot Coffee Shop

To find out more about the event and stay to date on the latest Bill Murray activity (or lack there of) join the event on Facebook.

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Katie Johnson
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