Weekly Freebie: Go Ganges! Screens at Harkins Valley Art

Whether you're a documentary junkie or simply a fan of free flicks, this week's Freebie invites you to take colorful tour of the Ganges River from the comfort of your air-conditioned theater seat.

From Dudes on Media comes an award-winning documentary that explores a river that is simultaneously one of the most sacred and most polluted bodies of water in the entire world.

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In Go Ganges! travelers, Josh Thomas and J.J. Kelley take their audience on an eye-opening journey down the 1,500-mile Ganges River. Using nearly every means of transportation available to make their trip, they observe, learn, and discover new things about the culture and conundrums behind one of the most worshiped bodies of water in India.

Intentionally comical yet thought-provoking, Go Ganges! will be screening for one night only at Valley Art Theater in Tempe. Admission is free but guests are encouraged to bring a gently used clothing donation for the Goodwill of Central Arizona. For more information, visit the ASU Global Institute of Sustainability online.

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Katie Johnson
Contact: Katie Johnson