Weekly Freebie: Showbot at Jobot
Jobot Coffee

Weekly Freebie: Showbot at Jobot

They grow up so fast.

Roosevelt Row's Jobot Coffee is turning two years old this week, and to celebrate, John Sagasta and his crew are throwing a musical birthday spectacular they call Showbot at Jobot, happening Tuesday, October 16.

The free event will feature two main stages with a lineup of local performers, all of whom either work at Jobot or are in somewhat associated with the shop.

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Musical acts include: Aaron Johnson, Agent J034, Dogbreth, Empire of the Bear, JJCnV, Lauren Farrah, Liam & the Ladies, Playboy Manbaby, Stoneypie, and TK & the Irresistibles.

Listeners can also purchase a copy of Showbot 2012 for $5 at the shop with bonus tracks not preformed at the event. Showbot kicks off at 6pm and goes until who knows when, because this is Jobot after all.

For more details visit the Jobot Facebook page and to find out about future happenings on Roosevelt Row sign up for the newsletter by visiting Roosevelt Row online.

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