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We're Doomed: AeroShot Energy Introduces Huff-able Caffeine

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To the glee of caffeine addicts and those who grew up in the whippet cultures of suburbia, the buzzed brains behind smoke-able whiskey and edible bottles have officially released the AeroShot.

Described as "a quick boost of caffeine mixed with B vitamins" and a shot that "gives you a higher level of freedom and control," the AeroShot is a small inhaler that's filled with a breathable, caffeinated powder.

As illustrated in the handy chart above, you suck on the sketchy tube, a powder shoots out, you swallow. (All the cool kids are doing it, we swear.)

The product is, of course, marketed to college students, long-distance drivers, athletes, and dentists:

"It's easy to take AeroShot with you when you go biking, skiing, curling, or any other activity that consumes energy," the product's website reads. "And because it does not involve drinking and is digested soon after it is swallowed, AeroShot doesn't stain your teeth like coffee can."

Wait, curling? Really?

The product is available online for $2.99 per pack, $32.99 for a 12-pack, and $90.99 for a 36-pack.

For more info, check out the AeroShot website.

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Claire Lawton
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