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We're Doomed: Fashion Designer Philipp Plein Sends Guns Down the Runway

Because there's nothing more fashionable than a hot model in a tight pair of jeans and an automatic weapon, Philipp Plein gave his runway audience tickets to all kinds of gun shows this week.

The German fashion designer is known for stirring the fashion hot pot -- he named Lindsay Lohan (mid-trainwreck) the face of his spring/summer ad campaign in 2012, he's used Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick, and he's worked with transgender models -- but this week, during his Autumn/Winter 2013 show, he sent bare-chested, gas-masked, and face-painted male models down the runway ... all carrying weapons. See also: - Meggings: When Men, Leggings, and a Whole Lot of TMI Collide - Urban Outfitters Celebrates Back-to-School with Boozy T-Shirts ... And Pisses Off Mothers Against Drunk Driving - We're Doomed: Love Psychic Claims Butthole Tattoos Are the Next "Big Thing" (NSFW)

Not such a smooth move, say many in the fashion community (and the general worldwide audience), by Plein in the middle of a gun-control debate and a widespread surge of violent outbreaks in public places and schools.

But Plein kept the in-your-face show at max-volume. A few of his models were painted with messages: "LIFE'S A GAME AND IT'S NOT A FAIR" and "ONLY KILL FOR LOVE."

Accessorizing the guns, of course, was an assortment of vintage-inspired tees, winter jackets, bejazzled teddy bears, leopard-printed shoes, boy-scout hats, and embellished leather pants that we're sure will fly right off the shelves when he's approached by Cabela's to do a special collection.

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