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We're Doomed: Thousands Opt to Share Toilets with Their Cats (VIDEO)

The day has come when our pets are one step closer to evolving and two steps closer to taking over our lives as we known them. 

Sure, your cat might still chase a string around the living room, be oddly inclined to crawl into boxes, or sadly stare while you fit a piece of bread around her head. Truth is, she's been secretly plotting for the day you keel over. And now, thanks to the ShittyCitiKitty, after she attempts to eat your remains, she can use your toilet.

The CitiKitty was created by New York-based cat fiend, Rebecca Rescate, who toilet trained her own cat with "homemade devices" in her small, city apartment. After her cat caught on and started sharing the toilet (and musking all over the shower curtains), Rescate began mass producing her own training kit. 

And for $24.98, it's all yours. 

The CitiKitty Kit has been successful with "thousands of cats" and comes with a specially designed training seat that "gradually transitions your cat(s) to the toilet ... and enables you to move forward and backward in the transition process and even train your cat on another toilet in your house or in a new home." 

You know, the second home you were forced to purchase after the first was taken over by the cats that peed in your toilet, spit in your sink, and started stealing your eye-liner.


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Claire Lawton
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