West Valley Home Art and Studio Tour Opens Sunday

This weekend's forecast is looking a whole lot artsier in the West Valley.

On Sunday, Oct. 24, the West Valley Arts Council will be holding the fourth annual West Valley Home Art and Studio Tour, where the public will have the chance to take a self-guided tour through the homes and studios of five West Valley artists. And yes, maps will be provided.

"This is a great way for people to learn about specific artists that are professionals here in the West Valley," says council president Julie Richard. "This is our way to feature them, educate the public about what they do, and for the individual artist to show people how they do their work."

More event details after the jump ...

Last Friday the council held its second preview party, where members of the community were invited to come out for a cocktail and a small glimpse into what they'd be seeing during Sunday's main event.

In attendance were artists who will be featured during the tour including Frank Williams, who crafts sculptures, masks, and vases from gourds, and painter Sharla Kuhn, whose impressive paintings would never hint to the fact she picked up a brush for the first time seven years ago.

"If [event goers] meet an artist and they learn the story behind why an artist does what they do, they are more inclined to buy, and that makes that piece that much more special," Richard says.

This event, which draws around 100 people every year, will hopefully grow in popularity and spread into a larger open studios weekend in the future, Richard says.

"If you think professional artists you don't necessarily think the West Valley," Richard admits. "But we have many fine ones out here."

Print out your studio guide complete with maps from the West Valley Arts Council website, and you can either purchase tickets ahead of time by calling 623-935-6384 or at any stop on the tour on Sunday.

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