What Happened to Paulina Miller Gallery?

R.I.P. Paulina Miller Gallery. The upscale art space inside the historic Charles E. Palen House at Roosevelt and First streets in downtown Phoenix quietly stopped hosting monthly exhibits in mid-2010, after more than 10 years of showcasing local and national art.

No one seemed to notice, in part because the building continued to host private parties and events -- until a giant For Lease placard recently went up in front of the historic stucco building.

Now locals are wondering what happened to Paulina Miller.

The upscale, contemporary art gallery was such a regular feature at Artlink's monthly First Friday Artwalk that you'd think it would've hit the art community harder when the venue went under; It was the lone Arizona institution chosen for The American Art Awards' 2010 Prestigious Hall Of Galleries.

Maybe 2010 was just a bad year for Miller. Though she juried several area exhibitions last year, Miller suffered a setback when artist Kurt von Behrmann accused her of holding several of his works "hostage" after borrowing them for a display at the Phoenix Sheraton hotel. (AZFamily's 3 On Your Side intervened and the paintings were returned.)

The tumultuous economy could also be a factor in the gallery's demise. But even more troubling is that an art space that had been around since 2000 -- practically making it a dinosaur in Phoenix years -- disappeared unnoticed.

Note: We have several calls into Paulina Miller and the Paulina Miller Gallery. Stay tuned to Jackalope Ranch for updates ...

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