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What Neighborhood Is Phoenix's Williamsburg?

Back in November, Gawker's Max Reed noted that while Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Bushwick had become international icons of "hipness," they weren't necessarily the only cool neighborhoods on the map. So he asked his online followers what they thought where the Williamsburg and Bushwick equivalents of their home states.

Well, the Internet responded in full mediocre force, and the answers which were revealed this week may or may not surprise you.

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Coming in as the Williamsburg of Phoenix was the gallery and boutique hub, Roosevelt Row. We can't say we were too surprised. As for the Bushwick, downtown took the title, as it houses businesses and developments like Crescent Ballroom, Cityscape, and The Duce.

While it was not the most shocking revelation, seeing as Reed reiterated in a later statement that he was "looking for the neighborhoods in your city where the self-consciously arty creative class would-be bohemians congregate," we were happy to see some validation that downtown's reputation is on the rise. Even if it was through a single vote.

Tucson also made the list with Fourth Avenue as its Williamsburg and Lost Barrio as its Bushwick.

To view the full list of would-be Williamsburgs and Bushwicks, check out Gawker's spreadsheet.

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