What's Old Is Nude Again

THU 7/21
Once upon a time nearly a century ago, something known as burlesque became the variety show of choice in America. And while its musical revues and vaudevillian comedy were certainly a draw, the genre made its mint as the birthplace of the modern-day striptease. Fast forward to 2005, and while burlesque may seem of another time and place, a group of ladies humbly known as the Fluff Girl Burlesque Society begs to differ. Best of all, they're happy to do so in very revealing ways. What goes around comes around, and burlesque is back as the Fluff Girl Burlesque Revue brings its summer tour to the Valley on Thursday, July 21, at Jugheads, 5110 East McDowell. Come for the music, laugh at the jokes, and, most important, escape the uninspired examples set forth at local strip clubs from Glendale to Tempe, and feel the magic of striptease in the hands of true professionals. Call 602-225-0307 or visit www.fluffgirlburlesque.com. -- Craig Wallach

Slippery When Wet
And you will be

Okay, so there aren't any wet-tee-shirt contests during "Wet 'N' Wild Wednesdays" at Daisy Dukes, but considering all the H2O flying everywhere, breasts bobbing behind soaking fabric seems inevitable. Darn. The crew of Daisy Dukes, 222 East University in Tempe, wanted to give people a cool respite from the Valley's triple-digit temperatures, so they created the all-day-long weekly water party. "In the summer, it's obviously hot, and people can come in here and do something fun to stay cool," says Javier Martin, one of the club's managers. "We have a water balloon toss, squirt gun fights, stuff like that." If folks get hungry running from the water hoses, they can mangia $6 "munchie platters," with delectables like chicken strips, and wash 'em down with ice cold $2 Dos Equis and Pacifico from 1 to 5 p.m. And there's no cover, which means more money for beer and dry towels. Call 480-967-7744. -- Niki D'Andrea

The Fat and the Curious
Lard of the fries

THU 7/21
Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock drove all over the country, talking to nutritionists, fast foodies and doctors, and living on nothing but McDonald's food, and what did he get for it? In addition to the Academy Award-nominated documentary Super Size Me, which screens Thursday, July 21, at Whole Foods Market, 10810 North Tatum, Spurlock gained insights into the greasy industry behind Fat America, a spur of health problems, and several extra pounds. "As the days pass, the reality of what this food does to you really comes across on-screen," Spurlock says. The free screening at 7 p.m. includes organic food samples. Call 602-569-7600. -- Niki D'Andrea

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