When He Was Cruel

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"None, actually," he says. "Or I would've used it much earlier, because I constantly poach from what I hear--good jokes, the sorrows of people's lives. I'm listening with one ear and thinking, That's really horrible,' and with the other side I'm thinking, How long has to go by before I can change the sexes of those people and use it to make money off of it?' So no one actually said that, but I'm sure they've implied it with a withering look of, You're going to pay someday for being mean to those characters.' But really, in the end you have to think you're being mean to characters. They don't exist, you know? I have a pretty healthy view of, This is fiction, this is life.' I'm a very kind of average, well-adjusted person in terms of life. But onstage and in film, I like to have things be a little more savage."

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Robert Wilonsky
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