Worst In Show: The Ugly Dog Documentary That Inspired a Look-Alike Contest

Worst in Show, a new documentary by John Beck and Don R. Lewis, tells the story of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

For 23-years, festival organizers in Petaluma, California have celebrated two-inch doggy under bites, hairless mutts, and all other sorts of things that make freakish-looking dogs adorable(ish).

In celebration the Tempe premiere of Worst in Show, we're tossing caution to the wind and hosting our first online pet/pet owner look-alike contest.

More details after the jump ...

A screening of Worst in Show will take place this Saturday, June 11, at the Madcap Theater in Tempe at 7 p.m.. Moviegoers are encouraged to bring their ugly dogs for prizes and, um, pride.

Our contest is open to anyone who looks like his or her pet -- dog, cat, beta fish, rattlesnake, whatever.

To enter, simply e-mail pictures of you and your pet to Victor.Gonzalez@newtimes.com, we'll toss it on the site with a fancy, non-scientific polling widget, and let the readers pick the winner (or wieners if there're any dachshunds).

The winner will get a bunch of Jackalope Ranch stickers, a chew toy (or comparable pet-specific toy), and one or more knick-knacks that will remind you of us.

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