The constant strain of city life seems to breed an infestation of mental disorders and strange habits. We’re riddled with anxiety, obsessed with cleanliness, or so depressed we can’t even scrape ourselves out of bed. And if there is a disorder that's the opposite of agoraphobia, the folks who frequent festivals have it. They relish large spaces, get off on mixing with enormous crowds, and don’t mind pissing in plastic vats of collective waste. We’re betting it’s safe to assume these types aren’t germaphobes, either. If any of this bothers you, pop a Xanax and ready the hand sanitizer, because The Happening at Copper Square is not to be missed. The festival is stuffed with events that appeal to our unsavory urban urges. If you have a voyeuristic streak, check out the Loft & Home Tour. If you have a fetish for explosives, the Copper Square Fireworks Show will fix you right up. For all you raging alcoholics, the Pub Crawl is sure to keep the shakes away. Or get your creative fix with the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts.
Sat., Oct. 27, 11-2 a.m., 2007
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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi