Ye Olde Bike Saviours Hosts Tempe Zine Convention

It seems like the DIY endeavor of fanzine publishing will never die. No matter how many people share their thoughts, musings, and opinions via Tumblr, pages, blogs, or other online avenues, there will always be a certain segment of the population eager to create and distribute photocopied zines.

One cat who definitely embodies the "do it yourself self-publishing spirit" is Tempe artist, musician, and filmmaker Stephen Steinbrink.

The 23-year-old creates mixtapes for his band French Quarter and pages of cartoons that he posts at the Trunk Space and ICYC, and occasionally publishes a few arty zines filled with quirky poetry and even quirkier drawings.

In other words, he sounds like the perfect person to help put this Friday's Tempe Zine Convention.

Organized by Steinbrink and fellow zine creator Roger Calamaio, the evening-long convention and confab will feature publishers of more than 20 different local fanzines showing off and discussing their work at cycling workshop and community resource center YOBS (formerly known as Ye Olde Bike Saviours) in Tempe. 

Some of the names involved include Chase Kamp, John Q-Sack, Sunny Sealeopard, J.S. Aurelius, and Anna Nasty. Steinbrink himself will be showing off his latest publication Moodes Boone, a comic zine that he describes as "the story of a misunderstood man who everyone thinks is evil but is really good."

Steinbrink and others will also be conducting readings and spoken word gigs, and performance art all evening long. There might even be a musician or two on hand.

The Tempe Zine Convention takes place from 6 to 11 p.m. on Friday at YOBS, 519 West 19th Street in Tempe. 

(NOTE: This blog has been updated from its original version to include more information on the event.)

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