Stephen Steinbrink's Got No Honey Baby Now
Stephen Steinbrink's Got No Honey Baby Now
© Stephen Steinbrink

Yellow Canary Black Belt

We're not really sure how he does it, but Stephen Steinbrink has made us swoon over his art as much as he does with his music.

Steinbrink, the Mesa/Tempe-based musician that oft-times performs and records folk-y music under the name French Quarter, launched Yellow Canary Black Belt earlier this year. In it, you'll find Steinbrink's bewitching watercolors, drawings, sculptures, and Polaroids that graphically portray the deep thoughts that are churning inside the 22-year-old's head.

Beginning next week, Steinbrink is parlaying the success of his first gallery showcase (which took place at July and August at Sweets & Beats) into an exhibition at Trunk Space, 1506 Grand Avenue.

The show, entitled "Magic Camp," opens from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, September 17, and will feature works by Steinbrink and his brother in a "what we imagine magic summer camps of the 13th century were like" theme.

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