You Are Here: A Collection of Maps of Phoenix Opens Tonight at Regular Gallery

Details from maps by Monica Aissa Martinez (top left) and Angela Cazel-Jahn (top right), and the inspiration for Thomas "Breeze" Marcus' mural on Regular Gallery.
A few months ago, we realized we had been drawing field guides and maps to Phoenix events for more than a year. And because we were (and still are) not-so-secretly map-obsessed, we wanted to see what the city looked like through the eyes and hands of other local creatives. 

We asked 10 artists -- Melinda Bergman, Safwat Saleem, Sue Chenoweth, Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, Sarah Hurwitz, Marshall Shore, Angela Cazel-Jahn, Luster Kaboom, Monica Aissa Martinez, and Carrie Marill -- if they'd be game to create their own guides to the city. No medium or size was required; no scale or compass had to be used. 

Tonight, ten maps (including a mural) will be featured at Downtown's Regular Gallery to the tune of live music by Joe Myers

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Claire Lawton
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