Your Guide to DIY Acidic Beauty Remedies

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Citric Acid Also known as Vitamin C, this can be found in tomatos, kiwi, and any citrus lying around your house. Citric acid is able to fight free-radical damage, even out the skin tone, and it can protect from sun damage by restoring skin's natural collagen.

Kiwi fruit: Peel and slice a ripe kiwi. Mash it up with a fork, and then rub the scrub on your face in a circular motion.

Tomato: Slice a tomato. Dip slices in sugar, and in the same circular motion use the sugar-coated tomato to gently exfoliate your face.

Citrus Fruit: Use the juice from one half of a piece of your desired citrus (lemon, lime, or grapefruit) and mix it with a dash of sugar. Using a cotton ball, apply in circular motions to your face.

Leave any of theses citrus remedies on for 10 minuets, then rinse with warm water and pat skin dry. Moisturize with coconut oil or your moisturizer of choice.

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