Zinnias at Melrose: A Break from Boutique Thrifting

Zinnias at Melrose is one of the Valley's largest antique shops at Indian School Road and Seventh Avenue, the unofficial starting line of the antique-lined Melrose District. 

The a two-floor, 15,000-square-foot warehouse is less boutique and more enormous closet, where garage- and estate-sale finds are given a second chance by more than 30 vendors, whose selections are constantly changing. 

It's easy to get lost in Zinnias. The mammoth, musty, A/C-less warehouse is like Costco for thrifters. (Just don't expect a Sunday-morning Costco crowd; Zinnias' devotees typically disperse peacefully around the store.) 

When one seller stocks his corner with World War II-era industrial furniture, another updates her shelves with a set of 1960s tiki-themed dinnerware. Within 10 steps you'll find typewriters, furs, pineapple lamps, and velvet paintings of Jesus.

The best thing about Zinnias? The vendors' super-low prices. After the jump are some of the mall's best vintage values.

Under $50 

1. Eames era chairs - $39 each 
These Midcentury modern chairs -- one cream and one mint -- aren't the real deal, but they're in perfect condition and cheaper than most Eames copycats. Use them at a two-person breakfast nook, or create a cool mismatched dining room

Under $30 
1. Poster - $29
This framed 1934 movie-theater poster is great for pop-culture buffs (that last title is a classic Joan Crawford-Clark Gable film) and lovers of vintage typography. 
2. Decorative branch - $24.95
Throw this sturdy branch on top of a bookcase or large side table to add some nature to your living room. Or, channel that DIY spirit and turn it into an offbeat fall centerpiece or holiday chandelier
3. Scale - $24.95 
This vintage scale can be used as a practical kitchen accessory or as a decor piece, displaying small plants, books or knickknacks. 

Under $10 
1. Yellow chairs, $8 each
 Midcentury lovers' jaws will drop at the price tag on these two charming, beauty salon-style mustard chairs. They both have small tears in their seats, but we hear Qcumberz, another Seventh Avenue antique shop, does speedy and affordable upholstery work.

Zinnias at Melrose is at 724 W. Indian School Rd. in Phoenix. It's open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. 

For details on new inventory, check out the Zinnias at Melrose website or call (602) 264-4166.

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Jessica Testa