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  • 3 years ago | Lists

    We like our music like we like our souls: dark.

  • 4 years ago | Metal!

    In the early to mid 1980s, heavy metal music began to broaden beyond the first era of bands like Maiden, Priest, and Dio. It evolved into darker, faster territories with thrash metal like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator and many others. A somewhat new phe...

  • 4 years ago | Concerts

    Here are our picks for the best concerts in Metro Phoenix happening Monday through Thursday of this week. For more options, check out our comprehensive concert calendar. Turnpike Troubadours - Monday, October 5 - Marquee Theatre The world is rapid...

  • 4 years ago | Lists

    No other genre can claim a connection to evil like heavy metal. Whether it's a brutal Satanic death metal band from Florida, a church-burning Norwegian black metal band, or a Mexican gang of Devil-worshiping drug lords, we decided to dig deep into...

  • 5 years ago | Lists

    HibriaBrazil is the biggest country in South America. And aside from bikini waxes, famous soccer players, and BBQ meat served on swords, the country is also known for heavy metal music, of all varieties and subgenres, from death/grind to power met...

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