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  • Seeing Bruce Willis in the movies these days is damn embarrassing. The action icon appears to just wander into one to the next -- sometimes as a favor to someone working on the movie -- taking the phrase "phoning it in" to astonishing heights....

  • Back in 1988, a little movie came out called The Blue Iguana, where a cool, smart-ass American dude goes overseas, gets into some lucrative criminal activity and faces violent, buffoonish antagonists and a flirty, manipulative femme...

  • With Night Comes On, Jordana Spiro is out to show she's not another TV actor dipping her toe in the sea of indie movies looking to wow folks with her cute, quirky way of telling stories. (Translation: She's not trying to be Zach Braff.)...

  • 3 months ago | Film and TV

    Jay Longino’s sap-filled script turns Drew into a mythological Zen master, dispensing words of wisdom after living a life of solitude and regrets when he’s not chasing after buckets

  • 3 months ago | Film and TV

    Right from the opening scene, where Priest shakes down/humiliates a drug-dealing rapper and his crew, SuperFly establishes that no one can ever be as cunning and crafty as him

  • Director X's blinged-out redo of the 1972 blaxploitation classic has the same setup as the original: A suave drug dealer named Priest (played here by Trevor Jackson) hatches a plan to get out the dope game. And while some things have stayed the...

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