• @DillonReedRose
    18 November, 2018

    Why can’t there be better internet in Phoenix than Cox?

  • @DillonReedRose
  • @DillonReedRose
    17 November, 2018

    This aged well. https://t.co/Fk8auTKe0o

  • @DillonReedRose
    16 November, 2018

    Governor Doug Ducey said he has congratulated Democrat Katie Hobbs on winning the race for Arizona Secretary of Sta… https://t.co/1mNFVyWspg

  • @DillonReedRose
    16 November, 2018

    RT @stevenjhsieh: Arizona State Parks Director Sue Black was ousted. So was deputy director James Keegan. Here an incomplete list of contro…


Dillon Rosenblatt


Dillon Rosenblatt is social media editor at Phoenix New Times. Originally from New Jersey, he is a graduate of Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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