• @dougmarkowitz
    10 December, 2018

    My favorite albums, EPs, and songs of 2018. https://t.co/eDjGrDC7D9

  • @dougmarkowitz
    5 December, 2018

    Can someone please change the “are” to “aren’t” and cross out the “too” and claim it as a new work? https://t.co/qOJmQGjANL

  • @dougmarkowitz
    22 November, 2018

    The sole advantage to getting on an American Airlines redeye on Thanksgiving: getting to read your buds' writing… https://t.co/QNdbyvz9db

  • @dougmarkowitz
    20 November, 2018

    Most of the violent threats I've gotten in the past few months have been from 6ix9ine fans. Hopefully that'll stop… https://t.co/nMCAUXEBFH

  • @dougmarkowitz
    15 November, 2018

    Very cool! https://t.co/nK5WuglK6t


Douglas Markowitz

Douglas Markowitz

Douglas Markowitz is Phoenix New Times' culture editor. Born and raised in Broward County, Florida, he studied at Sophia University in Tokyo before graduating with honors from the University of North Florida with a bachelor's degree in communications. He began writing for Miami New Times while in college and served as their music and arts editorial intern in 2017. He moved to Phoenix in July 2018.

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