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  • 24 years ago | News

    When Suzanne Ellis was awakened by the phone at 2 a.m. on July 7, she knew her son Tommy was in trouble. The voice at the other end of the line was her ex-husband, who had taken Tommy into his home two months earlier. "I can't keep him here," she...

  • 29 years ago | News

    Separated by a sturdy little Plexiglas window but with a small slit in the wall so they could exchange paperwork, the two men stood in their little cubicles and argued. It was an uncomfortable situation, but Steven L. Brown was so angry he actuall...

  • 29 years ago | News

    The elderly woman in the TV-show audience pleads with the shadows on the screen to give up the gang life and stop terrorizing her neighborhood. Sitting in a studio with a hundred other people, the woman describes to them how her fourteen-year-old ...

  • 29 years ago | News

    Margaret Lochhead walks toward the lake in Phoenix's Encanto Park with her bread bag, on her way to feed the ducks. She's been doing it for years on Sunday mornings--ever since her childhood when she set free her pet duck at the park. Along the wa...

  • 29 years ago | News

    Water farming is quickly becoming the Valley cities' version of the pet rock--an Eighties fad that just doesn't cut it in the Nineties. No water will ever be transferred out of southwestern Arizona and perpetually thirsty cities like Phoenix and S...

  • 29 years ago | News

    Back in 1898, when the cornerstone of the Chipman-Petersen building in Tempe was laid, the national battle cry was "Remember the Maine!," referring to the U.S. battleship that blew up in the Havana harbor. In fact, the cornerstone was laid the sam...

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