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  • 4 years ago | Concerts

    The last eight years have certainly been more than just a dream for Michael Fitzpatrick and his six-piece neo-soul indie pop group Fitz and the Tantrums. In that time, the band has grown from a festival favorite to bona fide superstars. But even w...

  • 4 years ago | Concerts

    There are some extremely intelligent punk bands in the Valley of the Sun. These are bands that have a whole lot more going on in their tunes than a general middle-finger-to-the-establishment affectation. But not many of them are putting as much th...

  • 4 years ago | Concerts

    Short-wave radio, coconuts, dried-out leaves — they’re random objects to most, but for Phoenix-based found-sound noise project RPM Orchestra, they are musical instruments for the group’s next performance. Though none of it is quite as weird as the...

  • 4 years ago | Lists

    The opening theme of a television show is always one of the most important ingredients that makes a series truly great, and that statement is probably doubly true when it comes to superhero cartoons. The show can have action, adventure, intrigue, ...

  • 4 years ago | Local Wire

    It's summer, which means a lot of bands are dropping new albums and with new albums come new music videos. Groups all over the scene are breaking out the video cameras to offer up the best multi media projects they can, and honestly a lot of them ...

  • 4 years ago | Concerts

    It's summertime in the Valley, so it's about to get disrespectfully hot outside. It's as if Mother Nature herself is telling you to move, so with triple digits on the horizon it seems like a great time to find some cool shows in the Arizona high c...

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