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  • 19 years ago | News

    Arizona State University anthropology professor Christy Turner, well-known for his thoughts on cannibalism among the Anasazi Indians, is himself mad enough to bite somebody's head off. He was savaged in print in a scholarly journal, chewed up and ...

  • 19 years ago | News

    In 1989, Erik Barnes bought a derelict ranch off U.S. Route 93 somewhere north of Wickenburg and south of the middle of nowhere. He'd made his fortune as a fisherman in Alaska, and he wanted to spend his winter months playing cowboy. The ranch was...

  • 19 years ago | Longform

    On game day, Randy Johnson's face has more sharp angles than a Picasso painting. He's built like the Fahrvergnugen man, sticklike arms and legs attached to a big triangle of a chest. He walks to the mound with a bouncing, stiff-legged, redneck gai...

  • 20 years ago | Longform

    "I defy anyone to say this landscape has been harmed by grazing," says Peter Warren as he drives State Route 83 south toward Sonoita. Warren looks like an environmentalist -- he's got the beard, the spectacles, the granola wardrobe. And he talks l...

  • 20 years ago | News

    When Tucson attorney William Morris died of a heart attack on March 11, he left behind a lawsuit that promises to be as divisive as the school finance rulings of the 1990s. In fact, perhaps more so, because it not only involves money for educating...

  • 20 years ago | News

    As an employee of the Arizona State Parks Department, Matt Chew first entered Kartchner Caverns through a shaft drilled for access to the southern Arizona wonder. He left the Parks Department last week by shaft as well, fired because of an opinion...

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