Best Of Phoenix® 2002

Depending on who you ask, a hero could be someone with supernatural powers, an average Joe or Jane with an extra measure of guts, or just a nice big hoagie sandwich.

Who says it can't be all of them? And while it's true that this is a town with more than its share of the commonplace — everytown strip malls, room-temperature weather, instant-oatmeal suburbs — Phoenix still holds lots of surprises that are practically heroic in scale.

Like the Scottsdale grill that has a truly herculean selection of tequilas. Or the tiny cafe tucked away in Gilbert that serves up exquisite French food. Or the north Phoenix swimwear shop that specializes in thongs and G-strings. Now that's a cause worth championing.

For us, heroes are where you find them. Now go get 'em!

Best Of Phoenix®

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