Best Of Phoenix® 2007

Hey, Phoenix, we're sweet on you.

Roll out the red carpet and fire up the chocolate fountain, because the 29th Annual Best of Phoenix® celebrates The Sweet Life, from eye candy to candy cocktails.

True, our fair metropolis is often best described as a diamond in the rough — but there's plenty that sparkles.

You don't have to be a celebrity to live like one, and we've braved the heat, light-rail construction, and a few mean bouncers to show you how.

From the top of North Mountain to the dance floor at Glam, we've found our city's prettiest views, the tastiest restaurants, the trendiest shopping, the swankest clubs, the best golfing, climbing, hiking, biking — even a wiffleball league.

We could go on and on. And so we did. Watch out; you might just get a cavity.

Welcome to Candyland.


Tasty Freeze: Ray Karam
People Pleaser: Judy Kabler
Wonder Woman: Divine Essence
His Town: Sloane McFarland
Science Guy: Dietrich Stephan
The Creatives: Jeremy Briddell & Cyndi Coon
Comic Genius: Tony Carrillo
Ball Boy: Eric Byrnes
Sweet Role: Michelle Mahowald
Dodge Theater: Sam Pewitt
Super Moves: Jay Camara Spain
Taste Maker: David Sheflin
Hey, Cupcake: Stephanie and Lindsay Esparza
Boy Toy: Jason Kiningham
Got Hummus: Sabeur Rouin
Movie Magia: Javier Gomez and Sixto Melendez
Frontier Girl: April Bojorquez
¡Andale Alcalde!: Gerardo Higginson
Soul Man: Larry White
Top Chef: Jack Strong
Porn King: Jay Grdina
Burn, Baby: Angela Zydek
Mad Max: Max Cavalera
Party Monster: Brian Durkee

Best Of Phoenix®

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