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It's about 5,000 miles from Phoenix to Dublin, so it's not exactly practical to hop a plane to the Emerald Isle to experience the best of Irish culture. We prefer to get in on the luck of the Irish a little closer to home; namely, at the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library in downtown Phoenix. It's hard to miss — it's the only set of buildings that looks like a freaking castle and Irish cottage in the neighborhood — and it's got a little bit of everything. St. Patrick's Day celebrations? Check. Full-color facsimile of the Book of Kells? Yup. Historical exhibits, live music, genealogy resources, and Irish dance classes? Those too. You can even get married there if your nearest and dearest aren't willing to go to Ireland for a destination wedding. Whatever the reason for visiting, we feel lucky that the Irish Cultural Center is a part of downtown Phoenix.

Scottsdale artist Oliver Hibert dabbles in the erotic, the creepy, and the trippy. Small wonder he'd lend his talent for painting spectacularly psychedelic scenes to three sets of tarot card decks, including his most recent Secret Arcana edition. This 22-card divination set is a saturated, mod take on the symbols and themes of a typical tarot set. Instead of pentacles, cups, and swords, Hibert unleashes headless bodies, skeleton keys, and outer-space scenes in chartreuse, lime, highlighter yellow, and flamingo pink. And yes, the set comes with an explainer booklet that reveals what all that stuff means.

Located among the quaint storefronts of Historic Downtown Glendale, the Astrology Store is a metaphysical supply store and gift shop that definitely draws attention. Yes, there are books, jewelry, even a massage studio — but it also makes sense that The Astrology Store would have some decent astrology readings. The shop has a small fleet of readers specializing in astrology, among other subjects, in the store for 20- and 30-minute sessions. One reader in particular is Dave Campbell, a member of both the American Federation of Astrologers and the Arizona Society of Astrologers, who specializes in natal, forecast, relationship, relocation, asteroid, and horary readings. The shop also offers a specialty astrology class series and the Superstar Advanced Course in Asteroids, plus books on how to conduct your own astrology reading if you were so inclined.

Have you been feeling stressed? Had something that you just can't get off your mind? A burden weighing on your shoulders? We hate to say it, but all that worry may be causing your aura to get a bit mucked up. But it's nothing that Ron Seavey and his team at Phoenix Rising Now can't handle. With their aura photography and imaging technology, they'll pinpoint what has your energy all whacked out and use energy or crystal healing to get everything back in sync. You'll walk out of Phoenix Rising feeling refreshed, with a squeaky clean aura. And when you're perusing the crystals Phoenix Rising Now has on display and one particular healing stone seems to be pulling you in, just go with it. Your aura may be trying to tell you something.

We heard it from a school friend ages ago: "If you hold your breath through the whole freeway tunnel and make a wish, your wish will come true." The tunnel in question is the Papago Freeway Tunnel, more commonly known as the Deck Park Tunnel, which is part of Interstate 10 and runs from approximately Third Street to Third Avenue. That's 2,887 feet of road. We're not exactly sure if holding your breath while driving at freeway speeds in a dimly lit concrete tube is a great idea, but we like the idea of multitasking by getting some wishes granted on the daily commute.

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