Best Place to Wish on a Star 2017 | Phoenix Astronomical Society's Star Parties | Nightlife | Phoenix

We've heard that wishing on a star is a surefire way to get what you want. But what star should you wish upon? Are there more prestigious stars with a higher success rate of granting wishes? Is that even a star to begin with, or are you wishing on a 747? Just to be safe, we recommend going to one of the Phoenix Astronomical Society's free public star parties, an all-ages event where you can look to the night skies in the company of some knowledgeable amateur astronomers and your fellow star neophytes. Events are usually, but not always, held at Paradise Valley Community College's Black Mountain Campus in far north Scottsdale, where the distance from the city lights helps you scan the heavens that much more effectively. You can bring your own telescope, or PSA members bring their own for the public to look through. Either way, you know you'll have an excellent view of the sky — the better to choose a star to wish on.

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