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It's a problem shared by many: top-of-the-line taste on a bargain budget. Until that winning the lottery thing pans out, you can still look like a million bucks by shopping at Poor Little Rich Girl. The small store is always well-stocked with gently used clothing and accessories from popular labels, as well as a selection of new goods, including some by local makers. You can bring in your own things to sell, too, to make room in your closet for the treasures you find. The hottest items at PLRG go fast; we recommend following the store on Instagram (@poorlittlerichgirlboutique) and turning on your notifications to get up-to-the-minute info on the latest merchandise.

We've considered talking to our therapist about the horribly unfashionable glasses we were forced to wear as children, but we decided a far better way to heal is simply to move past our former eyewear traumas by donning specs from Framed Ewe. The shop at The Colony retail concept (and its smaller sister at Biltmore Fashion Park) carries the latest and most stylish eyewear looks in both eyeglasses and sunglasses; labels include Thom Browne, Salt, Moscot, Retro Super Future, and Garrett Leight. The employees are friendly and helpful, and the Colony location has an optometrist on staff, so you can get right down to the business of upping your glasses game.

It can be hard to remember — amid the lush golf courses, sprawling office complexes, glittering swimming pools, and air-conditioned shopping malls — that metro Phoenix used to be the Wild West. But that legacy is still evident at Saba's, a local chain of Western stores. The first one opened in 1927, when customers still rode horses to the store, according to the website. Today, horses are no longer the dominant form of transportation, but Saba's is still our top pick for Western gear. The cowboy boot selection for men, women, and children is extensive; whatever your budget, Saba's has the footwear for you. The service is invariably warm and friendly, and since Saba's is a longtime supporter of the local rodeo community, it's the least we can do to support them right back.

Running might be a solo sport, but the folks at Sole Sport Running Zone in Tempe make you feel like you've got a whole team watching your back. Co-owners Lance and Karen are actively involved in making this store a hub for the east Valley running community, and their staff have always been able to answer any question we can think to ask. In addition to stocking all the essentials — the latest shoes, the cushiest socks, and the coolest swag — Sole Sports hosts free group runs three times a week throughout the year, as well as monthly post-run socials.

Our childhood photos look like a vintage edition of What Not to Wear. Which is why we wish we had grown up in the era of Baby Teith, a local company that makes and sells hip, often music-themed clothes for babies and children. Onesies that say things like "Toy Division" and "Cure Hair Don't Care" will be the hit of your rocker friends' baby showers. We also the love the iridescent skater dresses and "Rock 'n' Roll Preschool" shirts. We can't go back in time and make our parents dress us better, but with Baby Teith, we can ensure the next generation is a little cooler.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that children outgrow clothing practically as fast as their parents can buy it, a situation that can lead to a lot of wasted cash over 18 years. But you can save yourself some frustration (and some cash) by buying and selling gently used clothing for babies through teenagers at Love Child. Don't come in when you're in a hurry; it takes time to look at all the great pieces on the racks. But with a little patience, you'll probably find just what you're looking for, and at a fraction of the retail price. Love Child doesn't just offer clothing, either; you can also find books, toys, and maternity clothes at low prices.

We don't know what's harder — trying to decipher the ingredient list on the food at the grocery store or the beauty products at the drugstore. We're still in trouble at the supermarket, but we solved one of those problems by shopping at Citrine, an independent natural makeup and skincare store located in Biltmore Fashion Park. Citrine carries merchandise by high-end companies like Jane Iredale, Lotus Wei, The Beauty Chef, May Lindstrom, and Tata Harper. The company also provides services like color matching, skin analysis, and makeup application. The knowledgeable staff at the bright, cheerful store always are willing to help us pick the products that will work best for our skin, and our selfies are the better for it.

We wish that spa days were regular occurrences for us, but alas, they definitely fall in the "treat yo self" category. So when we finally do get to indulge in some luxurious self-care, we make it count by checking into the Well & Being Spa at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess. There are a number of treatments inspired by Native American healing, like the Havasupai Falls Rejuvenation body scrub and wrap, as well as Himalayan salt stone massages, deep cleansing facials, and plenty of salon services to choose from. There's also a menu of treatments and services for men (not that we believe in gendering such things), because guys deserve pampering, too. And when you're done with your treatment, feel free to while away the day exploring Well & Being's other amenities, like the rooftop pool, steam room, sauna, and exercise classes.

Want to get into the electronic dance music scene? The good news is that tons of club nights, festivals, and raves happen in the Valley on the regular, each serving up all the beats and bass you can handle. And for everything else you might need for the EDM experience, head to The Flow Shop in Tempe. This ultra-vibrant boutique tucked away in the quaint Mill Avenue Shops offers more rager-friendly accessories than you can shake a glow staff at (and they've got plenty of those, too). Proprietors Nathan Machutta (a.k.a. Nathan Firelight) and "Devil Stix" Dave Hirshman stock many items of interest to any kandi kid or EDM fan, ranging from kaleidoscope goggles and LED gloves to fashion that's furry, flashy, and flamboyant. The shop's namesake and focus, however, are the "flow arts," or the practice of moving and swinging items like hula-hoops, juggling props, or stringed objects in rhythmic fashion, typically in time to music. As such, there are all manner of fans, clubs, sticks, staffs, and poi available for purchase, many of which can be illuminated with LEDs or fire. The shop even offers free lessons for those who'd like to know how to go with the flow. And if you can't make it down to Mill, the Open Mind Emporium at Scottsdale Fashion Square features a healthy selection of some of the Flow Shop's best and most popular items, not to mention plenty of PLUR.

The love of playing dress-up doesn't go away when you grow up — not for us, anyway. Mardi Gras in Scottsdale, which has been around since 1974, is where we like to let our imaginations run wild. The store has virtually everything you need to be a hit on Halloween or any other dress-up occasion. Costumes, wigs, hats, accessories, makeup — it's all there. The store rents costumes as well as selling them, in case you don't feel like committing to that Jack Sparrow ensemble. The staff is helpful if you have questions; otherwise, feel free to just roam the aisles and imagine all the fun you could have.

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