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The last thing we want is for our home to look like everyone else's, so we visit For the People in central Phoenix when it's time to find a new addition (or several) to our decor. FTP's inventory tends toward the contemporary and Midcentury Modern aesthetic — think simple shapes, clean lines, and a lot of style. You can find items big and small at FTP, from tables and bookshelves to paper lamps and dishware. We've stopped in just to browse and left with objects like abstract candleholders, art books for the coffee table, cool prints for our walls, and more. Our home has never looked better.

We love longstanding businesses that have supplied the Valley "for generations" in any way, shape, or form. ABC Cake Decorating Supplies has been around since 1965, when they first began providing cake decorators, candy-makers, and bakers with their seemingly endless stock of candy and cake decorations, molds, fondant, pans, cookie-cutters, and more. If you're making something, they have the supplies for everything from candy to cake pops, push pops, cakes, muffins — you name it. They also carry boxes, boards, baking cups, and cellophane bags for when you're ready to show off your final product. Carried manufacturers include Wilton Industries, CK Products, Deco-Pac, Americolor — the list goes on. And in case none of this means anything to you, ABC Cake Decorating Supplies also offers basic to advanced decorating classes.

Nothing is too good for our four-legged friends. We want our dogs and cats to have everything they want and need, which is why we shop at our two local Wag N' Wash stores. There's a smorgasbord of food to choose from, including dry food, canned food, raw food, grain-free options, and treats. Toys, leashes, bowls, grooming products — you name it, they've got it. Wag N' Wash is also the place to schedule full-service grooming services, or bring your pooch in for some primping at one of the DIY wash stations. And because we really are crazy pet people, we've also availed ourselves of the bakery, which pumps out house-made treats and even doggie birthday cakes.

When the weather's nice, a visit to Southern Avenue between 24th and 40th streets is a delightful trek. The area — we like to call it Agro Row — is full of nurseries and garden centers, many of which are family-run and open to the public. One of them is Plant Stand of Arizona. This 15-acre plant vendor has four greenhouses, lots of annual color and perennials, a wide array of cactus and aloe, and tons of imported pottery. Like, tons of pottery. It also offers exotic plants, shipping services, and The Little House Boutique with home-decor items like candles and antiques. Originating at the Orange County Swap Meet in 1981 in California, the Plant Stand of Arizona is owned and operated by the Smith family.

This place has all the usual stuff you want from a really good flower shop: a healthy selection of posies and roses; a friendly staff of talented designers; fair pricing on fresh flowers; and same-day delivery. But Camelback Flowershop goes us one better with its Friday afternoon Fresh Flower Happy Hour. The smart folks at this local fave florist offer half-price stems and arrangements every Friday afternoon. Got a weekend dinner party coming up? Is the boss coming for Friday night supper? Just want a nice pile of buds to trick out the entry hall? On Fridays, dash over to Camelback Flowershop and make a giant bouquet for half the price. While you're there, check out the array of unusual watering cans and vases for sale.

Gift cards are so impersonal. Next time you need a birthday present, holiday gift, token of appreciation, etc., go take a look inside MADE, where you'll definitely find something unique and thoughtful. Situated in a historic home on Roosevelt Row, MADE stocks a little something for everyone — art from local makers, cool T-shirts, unique ceramics and pottery, clever baby onesies, jewelry, chic journals and writing tools, plus greeting cards to put the finishing touch on any gift. We also make sure to take a gander at the flyer station near the entrance to find out about cool happenings around town.

Hey, remember paper? We used it to invite people to things, keep track of our thoughts, or express gratitude for a gift. The era of the invitation, journal, and thank-you card is still happening at Write-Ons, Etc., a cozy little stationery and gift shop in uptown Phoenix. Write-Ons carries a little bit of everything — there are cards for every occasion, loose paper in a variety of themes, and a fantastic selection of Crane & Co. stationery. There are also journals, party napkins, small gifts for all ages, and holiday merchandise. And if it's wedding invitations you're in the market for, Write-Ons has a separate service counter in the back to help you get ready for the big day.

When you want to be surrounded by tarot cards, candles, and crystals, this is the place to be. Filled with good vibes from curious customers and helpful, knowledgeable staff, the store has a wide assortment of books and classes to up your New Age IQ. Whether you're a novice or long-time seeker, you'll find tools for helping to channel your better self. The second-generation, family-run small business also carries plenty of unique gifts options, including jewelry, small home decor items, and bumper stickers for the friends who want to make sure everyone knows they're a druid, witch, or tolerant embracer of people who follow many different paths.

For us, an essential part of the museum experience is the gift shop. Which is why we love going to the Heard Museum—they've got two. At the more casual Books & More shop, we love to peruse souvenirs like local foodstuffs, dream catchers, tote bags, fridge magnets, T-shirts,dolls, and yes, books for all ages. The official gift shop at the Heard is like an art gallery inside the museum; the store sells gorgeous and expertly crafted jewelry, baskets, rugs and other textiles, fetish carvings, kachina dolls, and folk art. Price points are not low, but you get what you pay for — and what you find at the Heard gift shop never fails to dazzle us.

We didn't know there could be a whole world made entirely of beads, but we're glad we found one, and now that we have, we plan never to leave. This super-clean, hyper-organized, just-opened jewelry-making haven is bursting with beads of every make and size, as well as stuff to string, and display, and organize your necklaces, bracelets, and toe rings. An upstairs make-and-take room is a great place to chat up other beaders, and the friendly staff is always nearby to offer low-pressure, kindhearted advice about what to make and how to make it. Seriously — why isn't every world made of beads?

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