Best Concert Posters 2018 | Hamster Labs | Nightlife | Phoenix

The life of a concert poster is ultimately short and tortuous. As a piece of ephemera, its brief existence is spent stapled to walls or lashed to utility poles before being torn down and tossed away once its usefulness has ended. The exquisite concert posters made by Hamster Labs, however, don't deserve this cruel fate, and are worth saving long after their particular event is over. Designed by local graphic artist Quinn Murphy, these pulchritudinous prints are true works of art, capturing a particular band's sound and verve through eye-catching imagery, illustrations, or iconography. Rich in textures and awash in vibrant colors, Murphy's creations utilize a variety of artistic styles, ranging from fanciful realism to stark minimalism, to grab your attention. His poster for metal act The Sword's show at The Rebel Lounge in March, for instance, featured a badass portrait of a screaming Medusa head teeming with slithering snakes. Other efforts are silly (like the playful placard for the Flying Burrito Festival) or downright strange (a Banana Gun show poster starring a mushroom-riding cowpoke), but are nonetheless memorable. And if anyone has an extra copy of Hamster Labs' Phoenix Rock Lottery 2018 poster, which depicted the event's 24-musician lineup as a stack of cassettes, we'll totally buy it off you. Seriously. We've already got wall space picked out.

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