Best Place to Smash the Memory of Your Ex 2019 | Simply Smashing Rage Room Tempe | Fun & Games | Phoenix

Looking for a safe place to lose control? Look no further than Tempe's Simply Smashing Rage Room, where people come to throw glass objects against walls and beat the crap out of old adding machines. Visitors dress in neck-to-toe coveralls, gardening gloves, and welder's masks, and pay to smash the doo-doo out of a shopping basket of breakables. Each smash room offers a chalkboard where folks can write down a list of things they're angry about, then throw breakable stuff at it. Pretending your ex-husband is a stack of coffee mugs, and then smashing them into little pieces with a golf club, has its rewards. Corporate executives and PTA moms and everyone in between come in to release a little anger or just to have a smashing good time — and you can, too.

What could be better than booze and seeing wild animals up close after dark? The Phoenix Zoo's Roars & Pours event happens monthly except during the hotter months. You'll feel like you're behind the scenes walking around the animal exhibits, and although many of the inhabitants of the zoo will be in for the night, there's still plenty to see. There are also fun experiences like camel rides and visits to the Stingray Bay attraction at happy hour prices. You can meander around the zoo, or stay and play yard games like corn hole and beer pong, and you won't want to miss free shows like "The Mating Game" and the live music performances. It's perfect for a unique date or for blowing off steam after work.

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