Best Funhouse Vibes 2022 | Hanny's | Nightlife | Phoenix
Lauren Cusimano

An open elevator shaft, a cage full of dolls, trick mirrors. Were it not for this genuinely bizarre decor, Hanny's would be your run-of-the-mill, stylish-but-straightforward downtown lounge. You can find the restaurant and bar in an austere concrete building on First and Adams streets. It's a spacious hangout, with a kitchen that's open late and a decent steak sandwich. But it's the longtime art installations that draw many curious visitors to Hanny's — and it's worth taking a tour through the space to appreciate the Annabelle-esque ornamentation. The hall-of-mirrors bathrooms are straight from the circus (and don't forget to take a trip down to the basement to visit the dolls). It'll make a date more interesting, that's for sure.

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