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Billionaires for Wealthcare Chase AFP's Tom Jenney with $20M Check

The latest from the Arizona Billionaires, showing some love for Tom Jenney...

Here's the latest video from the Arizona-based Billionaires for Weathcare, as shot by activist Dennis Gilman for his YouTube channel Humanleague002. The first Billionaires video back in August lampooned the scores of anti-Obama crazies protesting at Congressman Harry Mitchell's office in Scottsdale, and it got picked up by several Internet sites, including Michael Moore's. The result has been that first video has either infuriated or delighted over 88,000 viewers.

This second video is of the Billionaires crashing another Americans for Prosperity-promoted protest, which again took place outside Mitchell's office. At one point, the Billionaires chased after Arizona AFP state director Tom Jenney with a ginormous $20M check made out to "Americans for the Prosperity of Koch Industries," Koch Industries being the petroleum conglomerate that supports various right-wing organizations in America. Jenney just smiles through the whole thing, as if he's not sure exactly how he should act.

Prior to running after Jenney with their check, there's some footage of the Billionaires discussing their purpose in being at the rally. Democratic activist Randall Holmes channels Thurston Howell, III, complete with yachting cap, and explains why the Billionaires love Tom Jenney's efforts.

"Tom has done a great job of keeping the conversation going," Holmes observes, dryly, "and keeping the little people riled up. We're going to go see the little people. I hope none of them coughs on me."

Another Billionaire explains their philosophy: "Those with the money get the best care. That's the way it is in America. It's always been that way."

Later they toast champagne to, "Profits not people." When they interact with the snarling, hate-Obama crowd, they bear signs that read, "Privatize Medicare Now," and "Survival of the Richest." In the crowd is Phoenix lefty Leonard Clark, pretending to be a birther, and fitting right in with a crowd hoisting Obama-as-the-Joker posters.

One of the more obscene posters is one being held aloft by a white woman (of course) featuring our Commander in Chief as an African witch doctor with a bone through his nose. If anyone deserves the label "racist," it's this lady. Someone should inform this wing-nut wacko that we now live in the 21st Century.

In any case, good work, Billionaires. Ditto to Gilman for capturing these lefty high jinks.

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