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Joe Arpaio's Sex Crimes Debacle Eviscerated in New Video by Devin Fleenor

Why didn't Arpaio do something? He was too busy kibbutzing with the birther idiots

Devin Fleenor, Phoenix musician and longtime activist against the tyrannical rule of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has produced a powerful new video that blasts Arpaio's biggest failure to date: his agency's mishandling of more than 400 sex crimes in El Mirage and elsewhere in Maricopa County.

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The slickly-made anti-Arpaio ad features an actress portraying one of Arpaio's many victims, recounting her rape at the hands of an older man willing to walk her home.

"I tried to scream, but--," then a man's hand cover her mouth, cutting her off.

Next comes the tagline, "Sheriff Arpaio, why didn't you do something?"

Fleenor says the scenario was plucked from the book If There Were Any Victims... by retired El Mirage Assistant Police Chief Bill Louis, the title coming from Arpaio's infamous, asinine statement during a 2011 press conference over the scandal.

"If there were any victims out there, I apologize," Arpaio half-heartedly offered at the time.

The ad is self-funded, so far, according to Fleenor, but he's seeking contributions through the website noarpaio.org, in hopes of running it on local cable, in an all-out effort to deny Arpaio an unprecedented sixth term.

"What I'm really hoping for is to catch some of the national media," Fleenor told me before the ad was posted to YouTube. "Both on the conservative side and on the left. I think the conservative people will talk about it because [the mishandling of those sex crimes] is such a horrible thing."

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