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Rick Romley vs. Joe Arpaio: Video Slams Bill Montgomery as Hypocrite

Romley fights back against Arpaio and Montgomery in this new attack video

Although a Maricopa County judge today refused to halt Sheriff Joe Arpaio's attack ads aimed at County Attorney Rick Romley, Romley has an answer for the guy Arpaio's fronting in those ads: Romley's GOP primary rival Bill Montgomery.

In the video above, recently added to Romley's YouTube site, Romley calls Montgomery out as a hypocrite, playing portions of audio of a meeting between Montgomery and County Board of Supervisors Chairman Don Stapley.

The audio, which was released back in April by county officials, documents Montgomery dissing Sheriff Joe by basically saying that Joe sounded like he belongs in a nursing home.

Montgomery also criticized the "rhetoric" of knee-jerk anti-immigrationists as being "harmful to the community as a whole."

Ironically, that's a drum Montgomery is now beating like Keith Moon on speed. Indeed, Montgomery appeared at a nativist, anti-immigration event in June at the state Capitol, along with Arpaio, state Sentor Russell Pearce, and just about every crackpot Mexican-hater on the planet. Guess his pro-SB 1070, illegal-hatin' stance is all sham posturing for the electorate.

Secretly, Montgomery may not be an extremist, but his swing to the far nativist right has earned him some unsavory admirers, like neo-Nazi J.T. Ready, who showed up uninvited to a Montgomery news conference with a pack of National Socialist Movement members dressed in black. To be fair, Montgomery said he didn't want their support.

Thing is, you lie down with strays, and you get a case of mange that you'll never be rid of, Bill. Shame on you for being so bogus. Though it does make for a juicy campaign video.

One problem with the video: It failed to use Montgomery's best line in the tape, the advice he would give his ex-boss, County Attorney Andrew Thomas about pics with Arpaio: "Don't stand next to the sheriff, or you'll look like Deputy Dawg."

Heh. Who looks like Deputy Dawg now?

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