Feathered Bastard

Russell Pearce's Olivia Cortes Fiasco: Video

My compatriot Dennis Gilman put together the video above of our forays in search of the elusive Olivia Cortes, wannabe contender in the upcoming November 8 recall of state Senate President Russell Pearce in Legislative District 18.

Cortes's nomination signatures were submitted to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office on Friday by Greg Western, a Pearce supporter and chairman of the East Valley Tea Party. 

Western's appearance cemented the perception that Cortes is a plant, meant to "dilute" the vote, as one of her paid petition circulators put it to me.

I continue to be astonished at how dumb the pro-Pearce camp has been. Why have Western drop off the signatures, for instance? Why not someone nobody knows? 

Maybe the pro-Pearce folks thought nobody would know Western. But after I knocked on his door, you'd think they would have caught a clue.

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