5.19 Hana

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16 Years...Straight From Japan!

This humble, family-owned establishment is an award-winning neighborhood spot nestled in North Central Phoenix. Known for their cozy atmosphere and authentic Japanese food for over 16 years, Hana Japanese Eatery is the 'Cheers' of sushi bars. One step through the door to a traditional welcome of Irasshaimase! and you'll instantly feel like part of the family. Start your experience with a wide range of Japanese craft beers, sake, highballs, whiskey and cocktails. Move to crispy tempura, savory sukiyaki and home-made gyoza from the kitchen. Then to sweet oysters, delicate uni and top-grade bluefin tuna from the sushi bar. Look closer and you may find other hidden secrets like katsudon, A5 Wagyu or okonomiyaki for those in the know. Honestly, you'll wonder why you haven't visited them sooner.

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