Full Moon Festival: Blood Moon

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Past Event

Location Info:

The Pressroom
441 W. Madison St.
Phoenix, AZ  85003
With Playboy Manbaby, Captain Squeegee, Sad Dance Party, Snailmate, Brittany Reyes, Raay Francy, NastyHumanz, W.A.S.H., DJ Stoneypie, Grack1e_b3ats, C3rb3rus, Ceemoar, WOLFZiE, Nicky V., Aztech, Brockelmonster, Aisle 5, Biotek, Soulular, Psilosapiens, Prism Shank, Sunn Rays, Blaine Coffee, DJ Seeweed, Cory Hill, DJ Matt Dunn, Mangled, Chiief, Slick Floyd, Underdown, Scarrow and Scowl, Average Joe & more
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