Sarah Chapman (EP Release Party)


Past Event

Location Info:

Crescent Ballroom
308 N. 2nd Ave.
Phoenix, AZ  85003
Let Love Shine is a positive directive. It’s also the name of singer-songwriter Sarah Chapman’s new release of acoustic tracks. The Arizona native, who also provides vocals and guitar for the band Ghost Cat Attack, says that band is “a lot of rockin’ fun.” But Chapman wanted to make a CD for fans that dig her solo acoustic sets.

Whether she’s doing a peppier, driving rock tune or a stripped-down ballad, Chapman’s breathy vocals blend sweetness with a raspier blues style. She made this new record with Ari Leopold at Lava Lake Studios, and together, the pair kept things simple.

“Ari and I set out to record a solo album, and after finishing the skeleton tracks, decided that a few could stand on their own without bringing in any other music — that’s how we formed the acoustic EP,” she says. “We just added harmonies and shakers to most of the tracks.”

The goal with this five-song release is to rack up enough sales to fund a full-length recording that includes more players and instrumentation, including strings and piano. At the release show, Chapman will be joined by locals like Holly Pyle from House of Stairs and Jordan White from Jane N’ the Jungle, who will perform on their own, as well as join her to re-create some of the harmonies featured on the record.

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