Scottsdale Casa Concerts Present: Breakup Shoes & Matt Storrs


Past Event

Location Info:

Scottsdale Casa Concerts
7243 E. Virginia Ave.
Scottsdale, AZ  85257
Welcome to the inaugural show. Casa Concerts is an intimate RSVP (aka: get a ticket) living room show held on the second Friday of each month at a private home in Scottsdale, AZ. Each concert will feature both local and touring musicians and comedians. All proceeds will be donated to the artists.

According to Phoenix New Times the featured band, Breakup Shoes is, "...a Phoenix band that's been cranking a cool surf rock sound since 2014." The band comprises frontman/songwriter Nick Zawisa, guitarist John Macleod, bassist Derrick Lafforthun, and drummer Matthew Witsoe. They describe themselves as four doods makin tunes with a cute cat.

Matt Storrs went to school, lucky enough to emerge with crushing student loans and a law degree. Matt brings his law background to the stage in The Storrs Objection, a monthly stand up comedy show where Matt and a co-counsel fact-check other comedians material during their sets. Matt is also one-half of Phoenix Educational Programming, a creative team that produces The Storrs Objection and LadyKillers in Phoenix. Matts hobbies include baking, doing squats in his office, charming moms everywhere, and being pedantic. He's performed at the Sonoma Laughfest, Cinder Block Comedy Festival, and Sacramento Comedy Festival. The Storrs Objection was featured in the Cinder Block Comedy Festival and Bird City Comedy Festival.

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